Friday, December 09, 2011

Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Application Launch

If you want the best NAS for your Oracle software environments, then the new Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Watch this important Webcast and be among the first to learn all about it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

sys-unconfig: Reconfiguring network settings on a Solaris box

This command will unconfig a solaris box back to its original state. It takes you back to the original setup for the network settings for the box. You will be prompted for the ip address, default route, etc just as if you were re-installing the operating system.

/# sys-unconfig
This program will unconfigure your system. It will cause it
to revert to a “blank” system – it will not have a name or know
about other systems or networks.
This program will also halt the system.
Do you want to continue (y/n) ? n

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mark Hurd: Oracle is the Technology That Powers the Cloud

Mark Hurd highlights how Oracle is the technology that powers the cloud with solutions to build private clouds, power public clouds and a full-range of cloud services, including software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Oracle releases full virtualized Oracle Solaris 11

9 November, 2011
By Mark Cox

Oracle has announced availability of Oracle Solaris 11, the first fully virtualized OS, which it is terming the first Cloud OS. Oracle Solaris 11 is designed to meet the security, performance and scalability requirements of cloud-based deployments allowing customers to run their most demanding enterprise applications in private, hybrid, or public clouds.
Oracle Solaris 11 provides comprehensive, built-in virtualization capabilities for OS, network and storage resources. In addition to its built-in virtualization capabilities, Oracle Solaris 11 is engineered for Oracle VM server virtualization on both x86 and SPARC based systems, providing deployment flexibility and secure live migration.
"Oracle Solaris 11 is the most significant operating system release of the past decade," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems, Oracle. "With built-in server, storage and now, network virtualization, Oracle Solaris 11 delivers the industry's first cloud OS. Customers can simplify their enterprise deployments, drive up utilization of their data center assets, and run Oracle and other enterprise applications faster all within a secure, scalable cloud or traditional enterprise environment."
Oracle Solaris Zones virtualization scales up to hundreds of zones per physical node at a 15x lower overhead than VMware and without artificial limits on memory, network, CPU and storage resources. New, integrated network virtualization allows customers to create high-performance, low-cost data center topologies within a single OS instance for ultimate flexibility, bandwidth control and observability.
Oracle Solaris 11 runs business-critical enterprise applications in virtualized massive horizontal scale as well as vertically integrated environments on a wide range of SPARC and x86 servers. Customers can run any of the more than 11,000 applications supported today on Oracle Solaris 11, with guaranteed binary compatibility through the Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee Program. Customers can also preserve their existing investments by using P2V and V2V tools to move their existing Oracle Solaris 10 environments to an Oracle Solaris 10 Zone, while gaining access to the latest Oracle Solaris 11 enhancements.
"With Oracle Solaris, we have a unique opportunity to support the industry's largest and leading business software portfolio on the industry's best UNIX for both SPARC and x86 servers," said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of Oracle Product Development. "Working together, our development teams engineer, test and support advanced solutions to our customers' toughest problems. We are pleased to announce that our key software products--Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Applications--are available and optimized for Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86 systems."
Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, now included in systems support, provides converged systems management, enabling enterprise wide, centralized control over hardware, OS and virtualization resources.
Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center and Oracle VM software are included as part of systems support with all of Oracle's Sun servers, providing customers with built-in cloud capabilities.
Partners in Oracle Partner Network (OPN) will find new Oracle Solaris 11 tools and resources in the Oracle Solaris Knowledge Zone including the Oracle Solaris Remote Lab and the Oracle Solaris Development Initiative. New Oracle Solaris 11 Training is also available to help customers and partners take advantage of the best-in-class features of Oracle Solaris 11 and upgrade from Oracle Solaris 10 or earlier versions.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 can be installed in a number of different ways

you can download oracle solaris11 from oracle Download site to multiple iso image in multiple installation way like for x86 or SPARC and automated installation
and Live media you can choose what your request link

Oracle Solaris11 OS

What’s new on the Solaris 11 Desktop? 

By Calum on Nov 09, 2011 blog

Much has been written today about the enterprise and cloud features of Oracle Solaris 11, which was launched today, but what’s new for those of us who just like to have the robustness and security of Solaris on our desktop machines? Here are a few of the Solaris 11 desktop highlights:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing Oracle Database Appliance

Watch Oracle executives Mark Hurd, Andy Mendelsohn, and Judson Althoff as they introduce the Oracle Database Appliance.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ORACLE Solaris 11

Check out the latest and greatest Oracle Solaris Spotlight page featuring - Developing Enterprise Applications for Oracle Solaris. This spotlight page focuses on Oracle Solaris delivering a highly robust, scalable and secure platform for developing and delivering mission-critical enterprise and ISV applications:
  • Run Oracle Solaris 10 applications unmodified in Oracle Solaris 10 Zones on Oracle Solaris 11
  • Protect your investment with the industry's first and most extensive binary compatibility and source code guarantees
  • Leverage Oracle Solaris 11 cloud-ready application deployment technologies such as IPS, SMF and Zones
  • Maximize application performance, increase application observability and enhance developer productivity with Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Get tools, lab access and resources to easily support your applications on Oracle Solaris 11 with the Oracle Solaris Ready program from Oracle PartnerNetwork
  • Benefit from Oracle's investment in Integrated testing and patch verification across the Oracle hardware and software stack
  • Catch the market momentum of Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered systems running Oracle Solaris 11
There are a host of resources available from WP's, techcasts, to demos. If you would like to see all of the featured spotlight pages please click here.

Creating an IPMP Group on Solaris 11

Solaris 11 brings some fantastic new networking features in the form of Project Crossbow. These features include virtual network interface cards (vnics) and virtual switching (etherstubs), flows for controlling bandwidth and network utilisation and more detailed analytics and observability functions just to name a few. Along with these advanced new features, many of our old favourites are enhanced to make life easier for the already busy systems administrator.
Gone are the days of messing with /etc/hostname.* files to create your IP multipath groups. Solaris 11 gives you a new command – ipadm – to help you cut through all the tedium of setting up IPMP:
root@dinkum:/# ipadm create-ipmp ipmp0
root@dinkum:/# ipadm add-ipmp -i e1000g1 -i e1000g2 ipmp0
It really is as simple as that.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Consolidate Oracle Application on Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata WebCast
  • Why Consolidate on Exadata?
  • Steps to Successful Consolidation
  • Findings from Our Internal Case Study
  • Key Takeaways
Oracle Exadata WebCast to download pdf file for more information to this WebCast

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It's Me

Welcome ....
Hosam Al Ali a little Bit to me 

Summary About me 
Extensive Experience and Knowledge with UNIX/Linux Operating System and Manage Network, Security and Clustering Solaris OS and administer multiple Linux Operating system (Solaris, Linux RedHat, Debian, SuSE,etc…)

University Degrees: 
 Bachelor Science in Information Technology - Pebble Hills University
  • Graduation Date : Jan 8TH 2009
  • Degree Earned : Bachelor Of Science
  • Major : Information Technology
 2001 Institute of Engineering from Syria - Aleppo University

Training & Certificate:
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Solaris 10 Security Administrator
  • Sun Certificate Network Administrator SCNA Solaris 10 OS
  • Sun Certificate System Administrator SCSA Solaris 10 OS
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer MCSE 2003
  • Microsoft Certified System Administration Messaging MCSAM 2003
Technical Skills:
  • 2010 – UNIX System Administrator & Consultant with Global Information Technology GIT – Libya
  • 2010 – Project Manager and infrastructure Vehicle Technical System – License System Project Libya
  • Assemble and prepare Sun Microsystems SPARC Server Rack for BSCS Billing System to Ericsson on Mobile Operation – ALMADAR – Libya
  • June 2008 – 2010 Team Leader for for Arabic Interface & for Arabic Language Group
  • June 2008 – 2010 Team Leader for Arabic Interface and Translate OpenSolaris2009.06 , OpenSolaris2008.11-05 OS to Arabic Language
  • Top Contributors 2009-04-24 in The World Link
  • May 2006: Cotton Marketing Organization – Design and Install Network Hardware and Software for Head Office and Branch
  • July 2005 – 2010 Syrian Virtual University – General Manager Hama TeleCenter
  • March 2005: SyriaMeca Company – Design and Install Network Hardware and Software
  • 2004 – 2005: Asus Company – Network Specialist in Head Office
  • E-mail :
  • Mobile : +966 59 7764429 - +963 955 287841

    Monday, July 25, 2011 Close

    Oracle related blog closure is that of Joerg Moellenkamp who has closed his Solaris oriented blog, which was home to the "Lesser Known Solaris Features" (LKSF) tutorial. Moellenkamp, an Oracle employee, says the offlining of the blog is not because of health issues, that there were no technical problems and no copyright issues, but beyond that he will not say why he has taken the decision. The LKSF tutorial has been saved from the shutdown and is available to downloadPDF. The closure of the c0t0d0s0 blog does though reduce the already meagre number of Solaris blogs further.
    It is worth noting that Oracle, as a company, has never been comfortable with employee blogging. Oracle appears to regard blogs as mostly a function of its public relations department and it is said that the complexity of working with the PR department to approve postings is sufficient that many either give up or don't try.